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Swisherr Hoops Academy operates out of four different sites in Hobart, Kingorough, Warrane and Launceston.

Please ENSURE you book in the right location!

  • SHOTLABs LST1 and LST2, SKILLSLAB SL3 are all in LAUNCESTON (57 Boland Street).

  • SHOTLABs CTY1 and CTY2, SKILLSLAB SL1 and SL2 are all in Hobart (103 Melville Street).

  • SHOTLAB KSC1 is in the Kingborough Sports Centre (10 Kingston View Drive).

  • SHOTLAB WAR1 is in the Warrane Sports Stadium (10 Dampier Street).

  • COURTS 1A+1B, 2A+2B and 3A+3B are all in Hobart (103 Melville Street).

Please NOTE: Court bookings are for HALF COURTS!  If you want to book a FULL court for a game of 5v5 simply book Court 1A and 1B OR book Court 2A and 2B OR book Court 3A and 3B.  


If that's too complicated just email us at and we will sort a booking for you.

SHOTLAB+ membership gives you access to ALL six LABs statewide including Hobart CTY1 and CTY2.   SHOTLAB membership gives access to the four squash court LABs including LST1, LST2, KSC1 and WAR1. SHOTLAB is a members only facility - so you cannot make a casual booking but you can JOIN HERE.


Our SKILLSLABs  are a great alternative that you can book for $15 per half hour. These are not equipped with a Dr. Dish but are great for working on skills or some 2v2 games.  SKILLSLABs are strictly limited to four players at a time.

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